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Skopelos, which belongs to the Sporades islands, is one of the most beautiful islands of the Aegean Sea. It is a small heaven where green prevails, as its largest part is covered with dense vegetation, with emerald waters and magical beaches with great diversity. Its picturesque little ports and the traditional hamlets throughout the island are pleasant surprises for visitors and give them the joy of discovery, as they have preserved their originality thanks to the smooth tourism development.

A romantic aura blows on the island, which with its tranquility, natural beauty and special architecture, has become the ideal place for vacations for couples of any age, families that want to relax in an idyllic environment, and also nature lovers that want to enjoy the magnificent landscape and unspoiled nature.

Villa “Ditropo” is located at the homonymous location which it took its name from. It means “two paths”. It is one of the locations that were inhabited and cultivated since the ancient years, as findings dated in prehistoric years were found in the caves of the area (Paleolithic and Neolithic), while today, there are many preserved “huts”, as they are called by the locals, namely rural houses that in the past were used during work at the fields.

It is 8 km away from the town of Skopelos, and 2 km. away from the most beautiful beach of the island, Panormos, a natural port surrounded by a pine forest. This beach, which is famous because visitors can enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets here, is organized and one can find super markets, restaurants, cafeterias etc. The excellent road bus service in all directions and beaches of the island, passing in front of the farm facilitates makes easier the stay at Villa Ditropo.

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