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Tour at St. John's Monastery

 A unique experience …23 km away from the island capital. After driving through pine forests, St.John monastery perched high on the cliff seems unreal and serene. We recommend that you climb the stairs (but be extremely cautious!) to enjoy the view that is breath-taking! You can also swim at the nearby beach.

Marine Park, monk seal

The Mediterranean monk seal( monachus monachus) is one of the rarest species and belongs to the endangered species which are included in the IUCN Red Data List .It is protected by various environmental organizations. There are about 55 of the kind and are closely monitored by the research vessel IFAW-ODYSSIA and by the Coast Guard vessel ALONISSOS – both donated by the IFAW. The Monk Seal is the number one endangered European species and is included in the protected marine species in Europe specified by the 92/43 Decree of the European Union for the protection of nature.

Evaggelistria Monastery

It is located at the Mount Palouki(4km east of the capital).From there you can enjoy an amazing view of the port. The Daponte Family established this monastery which was built on the location of an older one that belonged Hatzistefani Ioanni Grammatiko’s father.He decided to restore it at his own expense after a miracle by Virgin Mary who rescued him from certain death when he was arrested by the Turk Officer. Kaissarios Dapontes mentions that in the old days , this monastery had a very good relationship with Constantinople where it acquired its Holy Cross with Virgin Mary’s picture. According to tradition, two monks brought from Constantinople during the reign of Nikiforos Fokas. The iconostasis consists of four columns with a dome, it is hand-carved and guilded and comes from Constantinople.There is also a chapel which is dedicated to St.Nicolas the patron saint of sailors.

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