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Skopelos is an island whose history takes us back centuries ago.
Its ancient name was Peparithos . Prince Stafylos ( brother of King Minos of Crete ) settled here during the 15th century B.C. He introduced vineculture and the art of making wine thus creating the tradition of the famous "Peparithian Wine" of the ancient times.
In 1675 the main product of the island was the wine which was considered one of the best of the Aegean Islands.

In 1936 archaeological excavations brought to light the tomb attributed to Prince Stafylos along with a multitude of coins of the specific period and the copper sabre with the handle which is a symbol of the Mycenaean Civilization. The findings are exhibited at Athens National Archaeological Museum.
In 1538 the pirate Barbarossa with 150 ships took over the island, slaughtered the inhabitants and thus ended the Ottoman Occupation. The female pirate Adrina committed suicide when she was informed that all her crew was slaughtered by the locals. "Adrina" beach is named after her..

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